The Daily Life of an Automotive Electrician

The auto electrician is a vital member of any community, as they alone generally have the secrets to the mysteries of the electrical aspect of cars, trucks and tractors etc. Auto electrician needs to have a good general understanding of the principles of Auto Electrical systems, Plus they need to have very good information  systems for every type of vehicle and electrical system that they will be working on. They also need to have access to a very wide range of parts from all the different manufacturers.

The work is generally very complex and exacting,  and requires a good understanding of basic electrical principles plus a good understanding of how to use Electrical measuring and monitoring equipment effectively and efficiently. Experience is a vital component for any auto electrician, as it is highly unlikely there any problem that is encountered there’s never been encountered before.

The work can involve doing repairs in the workshop and doing repairs out on the road, and  an auto electrician could be working on a car one day and on a large truck the next day. Commercial work is generally high pressure, as any truck that is off the road and not working is costing the company money and loss of business.

Auto electricians how often involved in very detailed measuring work, as often it is subtle issues which are the root cause of other more obvious mechanical problems. The modern auto electrician will have very good diagnostic tools in his tool kit, including some sophisticated measuring and computer equipment.

An exciting trend these days is the availability of computer diagnostic  equipment that is able to rapidly and automatically diagnose most electrical problems. In many modern vehicles the onboard computer is able to report the nature of the problem to the electricians Christchurch has use of. Some modern vehicles such as the Tesla able to remotely report any problems back to the service centre, work and then contact the customer and arrange for repair.

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